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1. Can I book my seats in advance?

All seats are allocated at time of booking on our website

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2. What if I cancel my day trip booking?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund trips if canclled within 14 days of departure. We will try to re-sell your seats for you within the 14 days and if we do we can issue you a full refund

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3. Can I smoke on your coach?

By law, we operate a NO SMOKING onboard our company vehicles this includes E-Cigerettes

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4. Do I have to wear a seat belt on the coach?

Yes, for your safety all our coaches have seat belts fitted which you should wear at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion.

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5. Can I bring Walking aides onto the coach

All walking aides ie Wheelchairs, Walkers etc. can be stored in the luggage compartment safely.

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6. Do you give discounts for Seniors and Children

Yes, Depending what trip we have available and any added extras Childrens ages will vary. We ask for complete honesty if your child is 18 or over or if you're 65 and over

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7. Is there any restriction to using a mobile phone on the coach?

For the comfort of other passengers the use of mobile phones should only be for essential calls and it is requested that conversations are kept to a minimum. Phones are forbidden in the first 2 front rows for driver safety and concentration.

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8. We are a group of 15 plus what can you offer us?

For groups of 15 or more we offer a discount and we'll come to pick you up for your choice of location i.e. community centre, social club, sheltered housing.

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